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Sprawimy, że Cię zauważą! To krok do Twojego sukcesu! Konsekwentnie dążymy do tego, aby tworzyć innowacje w oknie i wokół niego, które oferują znaczną wartość dodaną i które możesz wykorzystać w swoim biznesie w myśl naszego motta "Create Difference. Grow Business." We make the difference! For your success! We consistently pursue the goal of showing you innovations in and around the window that offer you considerable added value, which you can use in the sense of our motto "Create Difference. Grow Business."  
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Create Difference. Grow Business. 

Our promise

Growth in core business 核心业务增长

Increasing specifications, will no longer cause you any headaches in the future! Higher strength and dimensional stability for fewer complaints and more satisfied customers.


Developing new smart growth areas 更多智能产品的开发

Smart products are increasingly crossing various areas of our everyday life. We will show you how REHAU can help you occupy the pole position in the sale of smart solutions for windows.


First presented in 2018 - we will show further developments in 2020 and completely new fields of application. Open up these growth segments for yourself.


More efficient through digital services 数字化服务效率更高

Other industries demonstrate on a daily basis how digitilization improves their processes and increases quality.

Time for something new in the window industry.



We will show new solutions with which you can make your daily business processes more efficient and how you can overcome the lack of skilled workers in installation.


Sustainable answers to the questions of today 可持续发展才是未来之路

There's only one planet we can live on. We must therefore be more conscientious with our resources. REHAU carries a special responsibility for people and the environment.


We show you how REHAU can help you become a trendsetter in environmental awareness.


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